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Newopto .: The use of photosensitive resistance


Xin Yongcheng Optoelectronics Co., Ltd .: The use of photosensitive resistance

Xin Yongcheng Optoelectronics Main Design, Production, Operating the General Environmental Light Photosensitive Electric Resistance, Visible Light Specific Sensor Series, Infrared Tube Series; Xin Yongcheng Sensor Mainly designed to produce human thermal release sensors (PIR). Here is to introduce the use of photosensitive resistors.

Photomic resistance (LDR) or photoconductors are substantially made from cadmium sulfide, selenium, aluminum sulfide, thiol, thiol sulfide. Some materials have the characteristics of the rapid ring ratio of the electrical resistance at a particular wavelength of light. This is involved in conductive and drift from outside electric fields from outside electric fields. The electron rushes to the positive electrode of the power supply, the hole rushes to the negative electrode of the power supply, and the resistance of the photosensitive resistance is rapidly fallen.

The photosensitive resistance is a special resistance made from semiconductor materials such as cadmium essence or cadmium, and its working rules are based on the inner photoelectric effect. The stronger the light, the lower the resistance value. With the general growth of the light, the resistance value is rapidly reduced, and the bright resistance value can be small to 1 kΩ. Photosensitive resistors are particularly sensitive to light. At the moment when there is no light, they are in high resistance, and the dark resistance can be roughly 1.5 mΩ. With scientific and technological progress, special performance of photosensitive resistance will result in a wide range of applications.

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