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Newopto 18 SMD IR LED Hikvision Use IR LED Board

Product name:XYC-F18-R52-12-B-V1.0

Product application:Benita Bi

Product information:Click download(For more information, please refer to the product information)

Product description:
Newopto SMD IR LED board is using anti infrared interference phototransistor which is the same type with Hikvision used.Raw materials are manufactured by Newopto.The quality and cost can be controlled.
Product introduction
Product Description

Brief Introduction:

Shenzhen Newopto Photoeletric Technology Co.,Ltd is professional IR panel manufacturer.Combined with the customer's demand,Newopto optimize production technologies and develop superior quality new products continuously.At present, the company mainly engaged in ordinary environment friendly photosensitive series,visible light sensor series ,infrared pair transistor series. For more products info,please contact Benita Bi.



Model number: XYC-F18-R52-12-B-V1.0

Power supply:12V DC

1.Anti infrared interference phototransistor


3.Suitable for both 32 and 38mm cctv camera pcb board

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