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XYC-PIR203B-S0 这款抗干扰抗白光的PIR热释电红外传感器是如何做到高灵敏度和优越信噪比的?

The XYC-PIR203B-S0 pyroelectric infrared sensor uses the characteristic of temperature change to

detect the infrared radiation,it uses the binary compensation method to

suppress the interference caused by the temperature change, thereby

improving the working stability of the sensor. The resistance-capacitance

filtering circuit and the resistance-capacitance frequency selective circuit are

used to enhance the electromagnetic compatibility of the sensor, so that the

sensor has higher immunity to radio frequency interference (RFI). The

product can be used in burglar alarms, induction doors, automatic

lamps,intelligent toys and security surveillance cameras, etc.

特性 Feature

 高灵敏度和优越的信噪比;High sensitivity and superior signal to noise ratio

 采用双元补偿结构,有效抵抗外界环境干扰;Adopting binary compensation structure to resist external environmental interference effectively

 干涉滤光片截止深度高,抗白光能力强;Interference filter has high cut-off depth and strong white light resistance

 采用阻容滤波电路,增强抗射频干扰能力;Using resistance-capacitance filtering circuit,increase anti RFI abilities. 

应用 Application

 适用于各类自动照明开关;Applicable to all types of automatic lighting switches

 适用于各类防盗报警用入侵探测器 ;Applicable to all kinds of intrusion detectors for burglar alarms

 适用于各类智能玩具;Applicable to all kinds of smart toys

 适用于各类智能家用电器 ; Applicable to all kinds of smart household appliances

优势 Advantages

 品种齐全,生产周期短,小批量库存备货 Complete varieties, short production cycle,Prepared small batch inventory

 严格的品质保障体系,让您使用无忧 Strict quality assurance system

 提供全方位的技术支持服务 Provide a full range of technical support