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Xinyongcheng Photoelectric Technology Co., LtdFounded in 2008 with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. After ten years of development and expansion, in order to further expand the production capacity, complete the industrial chain and better serve customers, our company moved the factory to Huizhou in 2017, established xinyongcheng science and Technology Park in Zhongkai high tech Zone, with a plant area of 14000 ㎡, and established xinyongcheng Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., xinyongcheng Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. and xinyongcheng sense Electronics Co., Ltd.Chengxinyongcheng photoelectric mainly designs, produces and manages general environmental protection photosensitive series, visible photosensitive sensor series and infrared tube series; xinyongcheng sensor mainly designs and produces human pyroelectric sensor (PIR);

Chengxinxinyongchengsense mainly designs, produces and sells various types of intelligent control modules. It mainly serves intelligent light control, security monitoring, infrared touch control, small home appliances intelligent control, Internet of things intelligent control and other major fields. After ten years of development, the company has steadily and continuously cooperated with more than 1200 enterprise customers Chengxinxinyong, our company continuously strives for perfection from production equipment, testing instrument and technological process, and develops a series of high-quality new products in combination with customers' needs. The high-quality product quality is deeply trusted and supported by customers; Continue to provide customers with technical support for front-end development, after years of cooperation and development, witness the vigorous and rapid development of partners together; won the "high tech enterprise" of Huizhou City, and the national "high tech enterprise" won a number of patents.