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The Southern Satellite TV column interviewed Xinyongcheng's photosensitive sensor production line



 The video of Guangdong Southern Satellite TV's "Business Travel Aspect" column was played.

 Recently, Southern Satellite TV's "Vertical and Horizontal Business Travel" column interviewed Xinyongcheng's photosensitive sensor production line.

 "Business Travel" is a TV media column based on local TV media advertising information, supplemented by online media, and builds a publicity platform for various businesses and enterprises.

 Xinyongcheng Optoelectronics was established in Shenzhen, China in 2008. It is positioned in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of products in the field of photosensitive receiving, infrared emitting devices and infrared sensors. It pursues excellent quality and provides first-class products and technical support for global intelligent development.

 Xinyongcheng adheres to the business philosophy of continuous innovation, continuous improvement, honest management, cooperation and mutual win, and takes customer satisfaction as the core to provide customers with high-quality products and services for mutual benefit and common development.

 In order to better serve customers, Xinyongcheng constantly strives for excellence in production equipment, testing instruments, and technological processes. Combined with customer needs, it continues to innovate and develop a full range of high-quality new products: currently serving intelligent light control, security monitoring, infrared There are more than 1,200 companies in various fields such as touch control and smart control of small household appliances, and they continue to maintain a growth rate of more than 10% every year. Over the years, the high-quality product quality has been trusted and supported by customers: we continue to provide customers with technical support for front-end development, and after years of cooperation and development, we have witnessed the vigorous and rapid development of our partners.

 The main products include a full range of photosensitive devices: a full range, more than 150 conventional products, covering all in-line and patch visible light photosensitive, infrared receiving photosensitive, ordinary photodiodes, phototransistors of various specifications and models and applications in different product fields.

 Infrared emission tube main promotion: high-power 3838/3535/3030 and low-power 3528 and other SMD full specifications and 3mm and 5mm in-line specifications.

 Infrared transmitting and receiving tube series: mainly used in the fields of infrared touch, reflection of small household appliances, security protection and other fields, and several major brand companies in the industry have long-term cooperation.

 In order to ensure quality, all key raw materials are selected from top foreign manufacturers, and undergo strict production processes to ensure that the quality of each batch of products reaches the highest level in the industry.

 A strong technical team has focused on subdivided fields for many years, and can develop products of different specifications according to customer needs to meet the special needs of customers.

 Welcome new and old customers to come to negotiate, customer service contact 18123965666.