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Thanks for using relevant ALS products of Shenzhen Newopto Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. In order to enhance your understanding of the characteristics of our products, as far as reduce and avoid unnecessary damage of product due to man made factors ,and make the product serve your production better , we provide corresponding operation standard instructions . At the same time, even if you are using the same specifications ALS, its reliability is related to overall system design level ,mode of operation and conditions of use in the practical application field . This Instructions didn’t cover all questions customers may encounter during using, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!

■ 产品声明Product Declaration

● 使用本产品之前,请贵司务必预先进行测试,以便确认是否适合使用目的,产品介绍的用途并不保证不抵触任何专利,有关ALS产品的进出口法律责任应由客户担负,请预先查清每个国家或地区的有关规定,产品可能会因性能提高或规格参数改变等缘故,恕不经预告更改,我们要求量产前签订正式的产品规格书

In order to confirm the product is right for using purpose , pretest is necessary before use . We don’t guarantee the product application introduction don’t contravene any patent. The corresponding import and export legal responsibility should be taken by customers. Please verify relevant provision about the ALS product in each country and district beforehand. We may change specifications from time to time in the interest of product development,without prior notification or public announcement. An agreement of formal product specifications is required prior to mass production.

■ 储存Storage

● 在温度不高于30℃,湿度不高于60%RH的条件下,产品保存期限为6个月。将产品保存在密封的容器中并附带干燥剂可以在一定程度上延续产品的储存日期。不良的储存条件会导致产品引脚的腐蚀或产品性能的改变。

Under the storage conditions of 30℃ or less and humidity less than 60%RH, the storage period of ALS is 6months. Store the products in sealed container with moisture absorbent material could prolong the storage time to a certain extent. Bad storage conditions may cause the ALS pin corrode or ALS characteristics be changed. It is recommended that the ALSs be used as soon as possible.

● 开封后,产品必须24小时内使用完(建议工作环境温度不高于30℃,湿度不高于60%),如未使用完,余料须存放在温度不高于30℃,湿度不高于10%的环境中。

After opening package, the product should be soldered within 24 hours. If not, please store at 30℃ or less and humidity less than 10%RH. It is recommended that the product be operated at the workshop condition of 30℃ or less and humidity less than 60%RH.

● 对于尚未焊接的ALS,如果吸湿剂或包装失效,或者产品没有符合以上有效存储条件,烘烤可以起到一定的性能恢复效果. 烘烤条件:65±5℃,持续时间24H。

For the ALS doesn’t solder ,if the moisture absorbent material lose efficacy or the storage condition doesn’t conform to the above description,baking can help performance recovery in some extent.Backing condition : 65±5℃ for 24 hours.

■ 静电Static electricity

● 静电和电涌会导致产品特性发生改变,例如正向电压降低等,如果情况严重甚至会损毁产品,所以在使用时必须采取有效的防静电措施。所有相关的设备和机器都应该正确的接地,同时必须采取其他防静电和电涌的措施。使用防静电手环,防静电垫子,防静电工作服,工作鞋,手套,防静电容器,都是有效的防止静电和电涌的措施。

Static and electric surge would change the features of ALS,such as decreasing of forward voltage.Even damages may occur in serious conditions.Please make sure adopt effective anti-static measures. All the relative devices and machinery must be properly grounded. At the same time, it is recommended to use anti-static wrist bands,anti-electrostatic gloves, anti-electrostatic containers and so on to prevent static and electric surge.

■ 设计建议Design Suggestion

● 设计电路时,加载在光敏管ALS两端的电压不能超过规定的最大值,同时还需要使用分压电阻,以便产品在有光照的情况下将电流变化转换为电压变化,以电压变化进行结果输出从而达到电路控制的效果。

When design the circuit, the voltage loaded on the both ends of the photosensitive ALS tube should not exceed the specified maximum value,and the protect resistance should be used.Otherwise the tiny change of voltage would cause big current change and it may damage the product.

● 光敏管ALS的特性容易因为其他电子元器件的发热和环境的温度的改变而发生变化。温度的升高会使电子的漂移运动加剧增大暗电流,影响原先产品的电路设计,所以在设计时应充分考虑散热的问题和使用环境的问题。

The characteristics of ALS are easily to be effected by the heat of itself and the temperature changes of environment.The temperature increases would reduce the luminous efficiency and brightness etc.Please fully consider the heat dissipation when design.

■ 支架整形Lead Forming

● 支架的整形必须在焊接之前进行。整形时,支架的弯曲位置必须至少在封装树脂底部3mm处,同时避免对同一位置进行多次的弯曲。

Any lead forming must be done before soldering. When forming leads ,the leads should be bent at least 3mm from the base of the expose bulb. And avoid bending twice or even more at the same position.

● 整形时请使用合适的工具固定支架,避免对树脂施加压力。特别是不能管脚与树脂的连接部分作为支点,这样产生的应力会直接对产品内部的发光结构造成损伤,导致产品特性的改变甚至损毁。

Please use proper tools to hold the leads.Avoid put press on resin especially don’t regard connection part of pin and resin as fulcrum,the pressure caused by it would damage the inner part of product illumination structure,and would change the characters or even damage of the product.

● 基于同样的原因,在装配产品的时候,PCB板上焊孔间的距离必须于产品的管脚间距严格匹配。

Forthe same reason, when mounting the ALS on to printed circuit board, the holes on the circuit board should be exactly aligned with the leads of the ALS.