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Purchasing engineer (system integrated direction) some Shenzhen 2021-12-15 View details +
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Contact number: 0755-81459333
Mainly responsible for the company's system integrated product line (such as: safe city, smart city, smart building, security monitoring, wireless network coverage, etc.) related materials procurement and supplier development.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Grasp the market market and master supplier trends; responsible for existing suppliers and new suppliers development work;  
2, conduct material cost analysis, lead price negotiation, and finally realize cost decline;  
3. Timely issued the material procurement plan, follow up the delivery of materials, and take the initiative to guide the improvement of the supplier to improve, and follow up the payment of relevant goods;  
4. Focus on the quality of material, assist in the quality improvement of materials  


1. College degree or above, professional, gender;  
2, more than three years of relevant work experience, familiar with system integration industry (eg Ping An City, Smart City, Smart Building, Security Monitoring, Wireless Network Covering, etc.)  
3, for the integrity, strike style, strong sense of responsibility;  
4, good interpersonal communication skills;  
5, skilled use of common office software;  
6, work fine, work decisive, planning and logic, strong analysis and solving problems
品质组长(惠州仲恺) 若干 惠州 2022-07-10 View details +



工作地点:惠州仲恺潼侨宏村鑫永诚科技园   18026685770周小姐


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