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Newopto: explains the classification and advantages of patch resistance


Xin Yongcheng Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. explains the classification and advantages of patch resistance

First, the classification of patch resistance

Slip-free resistors, translated from ChipfixedResistor, commonly known as a SMDRESistor, one of the metal glass uranium resistors. It is mixed with metal powder and glass uranium to print the resistor made on the substrate by screen printing. Moisture resistance, high temperature, small temperature coefficient. (Note: The following slice fixed resistors are called patch resistances)

, 0805-1210HighPrecision-HighStability, 2010-2512 General Series Film Patch Resistance GeneralPurposethInfilmGeneralpurposethInfilm, 0201-2512 Low-resistance Patch Resistance Lowohmiclowohmic, 0402-1206lowohmic

Second, the advantage of patch resistance

· Small size, light weight;

· Adapt to re-flow welding and wave welding;

· Electricity can be stable, high reliability;

· The assembly cost is low and matched with the automatic installation equipment;

· High mechanical strength and superior high frequency characteristics.

Xin Yongcheng electronic products mainly designed, produced, and sells various types of intelligent control modules, patch resistors. Mainly serve smart optical control, security monitoring, infrared touch control, small appliance intelligent control, Internet of Things intelligent control, etc.