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Newopto: Product Knowledge on Patch Resistance


Xin Yongcheng Optoelectronics Co., Ltd .: Product Knowledge on Patch Resistance

Introduction We often say the SMDRESISTOR name called: thick film fixed resistors (slice fixed resistors), commonly known as patch resistors. According to the production process, two types of thick film and film are divided. The thick film is to deposit the resistive material on an insulating substrate (e.g., glass or alumina ceramic) by screen printing, and then sintered. We are usually seen in the thick film resistance, the precision range ± 0.5% ~ 10%, temperature coefficient: ± 50 ppm / ° C ~ ± 400 ppm / ° C. The film is made of a resistive material in a process of evaporation and sputtering in a vacuum to be made of an insulating matrix process (vacuum coating technology), which is characterized by low temperature coefficient (± 5 ppm / ° C), high precision (± 0.01% ~ ± 1%).

Basic structure features: moisture resistance, high temperature resistance, high reliability, uniform appearance size, accurate and temperature coefficient and resistance tolerance. Named method for patch resistance

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