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Newopto: How to buy a patch diode and a triode?


  Xin Yongcheng Optoelectronics Co., Ltd .: How to buy a patch diode and a triode:

Chip diodes, selection of patch triodes. There are several main problems in the patch triode application: one is the past habitual use of through holes, how to find the corresponding sheet triode;
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  Its second is that the triode models found on the parameter circuit cannot be purchased, how to change. This is often designed, developers and maintenance personnel in the application of larger problems. The reason why these two puzzles is that the same core is used as a device that is different packaged.

For example: a small power triode produced by TOE-92 packages. The model is 2SC1815, but the same die is used in SOT-23 package. The model becomes 2SC2712; when the SO-70 is packaged.

The model has become 2SC4732. According to this reality, in the selection or substitution, the transistor manual is found substantially the same as the basic parameter requirements of the triode. The transistor manual is subjected to basically the same. And the required triode is packaged.

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